INTERACTIVE: From Click to Customer to Brand Loyalty.

The internet has completely changed the ways we communicate, buy and sell, get our information, trade goods, do our banking and, yes, build and maintain brands. The world of advertising has morphed from a single-direction communication model to profound forms of organic, global and local interaction, in real time, between business, consumers and influencers from many sources.

As the internet and everything interactive continues to evolve, so will we. We have used and will continue to offer these technologies to clients, as an incredible platform for turning leads into customers and customers into brand ambassadors.

San Diego Interactive Agency


Gaining customers through organic search engine results is a science. We combine expertise with customization to develop a strategy and a search engine optimization plan that is unique to your company’s needs and goals. There is so much more to SEO than the tired and costly paid search methods. We feel the organic and natural search methods are much more effective.

Oster and Associates can:

  • Maximize local listings
  • Rank your company higher on YouTube, which aides in better SEO results
  • Create targeted microsites to aid search results
  • Secure quality inbound links
  • Generate authentic customer reviews
  • Link with local media sites
  • Stay a step ahead of your competition
  • Incorporate proven social media tactics into SEO plans
  • Consistently get your site on the "Google 7-Pack"
  • List your business as a Google Preferred vendor