Your Employees Are a Part of Your Brand

When marketing your company or positioning a brand message to consumers, do you keep your employees in mind? Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 7 and the way you market your company is not only important to your consumers, but also to your staff. They are the ones who reflect your brand in the world and work first hand with your customers daily.

Stay focused and be on the same page. Whether it is the CEO or a new hire, everyone should understand the company’s goals and feel they are a part of the organization. Convey your company to your workers beyond pay and benefits. Do they feel they can make a difference? Are they given recognition for their efforts? Can they speak highly of their work and what they are doing? All of these points should be taken into consideration when branding your company so employees feel like an appreciated part of the team.

Google is one of the most innovative companies in the world. Their perks are a huge benefit for working there, but it’s the way Google allows its employees to become the forefront of the business rather than conveying itself as a faceless technology conglomerate that gives the company its warming personality.

And then there is TOMS Shoes, one of the most well-known socially responsible companies in the U.S. TOMS offers training in every aspect of the company to their employees to improve leadership from within and instill a sense of value in their work. By including their employees in the process everyone can see the bigger picture and become proud of what they do.

When strategizing marketing tactics you should always keep in mind how employees will communicate the brand message you are sending. Will these tactics be easy for everyone to understand in order to relay the message to your customers? By incorporating employees into your thought process it will reflect positively to customers as well as staff.

Ensure that everyone is comfortable in living the brand you wish your company to be. It takes more than just deciding what employees should wear, say, and do. A culture from within must be established in order to build brand equity and trust from your employees, which will echo out to your customers.

Marketing goes further than the outer appearances that the consumer sees. The way your employees handle their work, how they interact with one another, and how they value the company must be integrated into your brand strategies to successfully market your company.


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