Working with a Multicultural Agency

The global marketplace of today almost requires that a business must be able to work with anyone anywhere in the world on pretty much anything. Since that is now part of doing business, why not work with a multicultural agency to support your company’s efforts? 

It seems like a simple enough decision, but many businesses struggle with this. The value of having a resource to turn to that understands how to connect with a different culture or spoken language cannot be overstated when it comes to messaging. Quickly using Google to translate something won’t work. A message that badly misses the mark (see this recent corporate example) can be harmful to a company. So why not avoid that potential pitfall, if at all possible?        

Oster and Associates has an extensive history of working with international clients over the past 30 years. Located in sunny San Diego, our agency is comprised of an international team of talented professionals. Fluency in English, Spanish, Japanese and French along with strong connections through living and working in North America (United States, Mexico), Asia (Japan, South Korea) and Europe (Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland), all make for a well-rounded global agency perspective.   

The time and energy you spend paying attention to multicultural details on the forefront of a business announcement, product launch or marketing campaign can positively…or negatively impact your company’s bottom line. Don’t take an unnecessary chance on making a huge messaging mistake. Oster and Associates can help you avoid those risks.   

If you or your company would like to hear more about the experiences and success stories of Oster and Associates as a multicultural agency, don’t hesitate to call 619-906-5540 or email us


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