Women Business Leaders on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is one of the many opportunities to celebrate the impressive progress women have made socially, economically, culturally and politically over decades. This year’s theme, “Break the Bias,” challenges us to tackle the big issue of deliberate or unconscious bias that limits a more gender-equal world. While much progress has been made, the day marks a call to action to not only accelerate gender parity but to raise awareness and get people talking about a very prominent issue. These biases can make it very difficult for women to move up in the workplace. However, today there are countless women in leadership positions who have paved the way for gender equality in the workplace and empowered women all over the world to continue the momentum.

Women have a come such a long way, and it’s important to recognize their tremendous accomplishments. Today we have our first woman vice president, countless women owned businesses, and women in just about any job field you can imagine. Our very own Bev Oster has been the president of Oster and Associates since our doors opened in 1986 and has continued to successfully grow the company into the award-winning agency it is today. Not only are we a proud, woman-owned, women-led business, but we are also very fortunate to be able to work with other woman-owned businesses and aid in their development and success.

One of our long-term clients, Organics Unlimited, was founded by CEO Mayra Velazquez de Leon who became the pioneer in the organic banana industry. With her daughter Daniella Velazquez de Leon as the new general manager, Organics Unlimited continues to dominate the organic banana industry while also providing a great example of the power of women owned businesses.

Kema Ogden the co-owner of Top Notch: The Health Center in Las Vegs is a pioneer in a new and thriving industry, cannabis. This makes her one of the only Black female business owners in the cannabis industry.  Mrs. Ogden is also an Executive Director at Community Outreach Medical Center which is a non-profit community clinic that provides medical services to low in-income and under-served families. She is dedicated to empowering others and making an impact on the world, and she has done just that!

It is undeniable that female business owners, women workers and even those who have decided to not go into the workforce have made an incredible impact on the world, and it should not go unrecognized. This is the year to #BreakTheBias and work towards a world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive, a world where differences are valued and celebrated. To all of our amazing women in leadership, we thank you for empowering young women all over the world and proving that the sky is the limit for anyone.

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