Why Audio is Still the Most Immersive Experience for Consumers

As marketers, we are always looking for the most effective way to reach consumers and bring them our client’s messages in a way that will motivate them to take further actions. A great way to catch consumers’ interest and cut through the clutter is by providing them with an immersive experience. Immersive experiences build emotions, focus attention, enhance recall, and motivate actions to predict future outcomes.

We recently attended Entercom’s “Immersion” webinar where we learned about the ways for marketers to create the most immersive experiences for customers. There are many channels that are considered immersive, and you may be wondering which one is the most effective. Believe it or not, the most immersive media channel is audio. When looking at the data, Entercom found that audio performed better than linear TV and social media.

The reason that audio is best with immersion techniques is due to listeners trusting their host as well as being able to receive local content. Both are the most influential drivers of listening especially for broadcast OTA. Local hosts and content are more relatable or relevant than celebrities on podcasts, and host recommendations drive consumer action because it is a trusted voice.

Audio has evolved and now we see the popularity of podcasts as well as radio being broadcasted via smart speakers. The two ways that marketers should approach an immersive experience with audio are:

  1. Tapping into local talent for endorsements – consumers trust their local DJ’s and favorite radio station
  2. Podcasts – it is a very intimate medium because listeners actively choose topics that interest them. This allows the audience to really connect with and trust their host.

If your company needs help with audio marketing via radio buys or podcasts, Oster and Associates is here to help! Schedule your free consultation with us today. 

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