When Advertising Becomes Art

August is American Artist Appreciation Month!

People are inspired by art. Whether a well-known artist or aspiring dreamer created it, we are attracted to the colors, shapes, scale and power of each piece.

In the marketer’s eye, art has the power to attract a sought after demographic: all people.

A person admiring art in a museum or gallery is much different than the person who admires it on a beach boardwalk or at a convention. This profile is welcome; the important idea is that there is always an audience for a well-made, thoughtful piece of art.

Advertising holds an obvious similarity to art. It is a strategic placement of photos, drawings or visuals supported by carefully chosen text to evoke a particular feeling, emotion and ultimately, an action.

A creative director might argue that it’s art, while others might find it totally unacceptable to mix art and advertising.

Some ideas to incorporate artful audiences:


What will suit your product, service or organization? Can you bridge the gap with a concept that is considered art? Can you identify the advantages of the blurred line between art and advertising?

Here are some examples of advertisements you may recognize that are more likely to be considered art:

Blue Moon

Norman Rockwell

Andy Warhol

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