What to Expect for the 2022 Winter Sports Season

What had originally looked like a promising winter season in November, has once again become too good to be true as we travel full speed into a winter plagued with high covid-19 infection rates. Between new variants and flu season in its peak points, there will most likely be restrictions throughout the entire 2022 winter sports season. However, there is still good news for the winter sports industry. Everyone is now two years into mask mandates, capacity restrictions and vaccinations, so this is no longer a “new” problem companies need to solve. The industry is much more prepared than last year and can continue to offer guests a fun, safe experience.

So, what can snowboard and ski enthusiasts expect this year?

Both North Americas and European ski resorts are open for business! There will be less restrictions than we saw in the 2020/21 season, which may allow for shorter lift lines and deals to keep guests visiting. Most resorts have become resourceful in their ways to limit large indoor gatherings such as more outdoor dining options and fewer available passes. Other helpful offerings include more sanitation stations, mobile ordering, and contactless delivery options. Because of travel restrictions and individual requirements, visitors will have to check with their local ski resort as each state or county has its own rules and may require proof of vaccination. The one thing that all companies can agree on is to make sure you research ahead and be prepared before visiting.


With the 2022 Winter Olympics still scheduled as planned, it will be key to watch how the international event is handled amid the new omicron and flurona crises. It is safe to assume that if Olympic athletes are competing in their winter sports without delay, the rest of the industry is sure to have a better season than we saw in 2020/21.

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