What do the holidays mean for your marketing?

The holidays are coming.  With that in mind, a little “last minute” preparation may make this a better season for you and your business.  The holidays can mean a lot of different things for different organizations or for various groups who interact with your company. Look from a marketing standpoint at what needs to be part of your holiday prepping plans:

  • If you’re in retailing, it’s probably obvious that the biggest chunk of your revenues come between now and the end of the year.  Embracing and promoting everything from Halloween to the New Year means shoppers will find you, either in your store or online.  If you assume that consumers will be spending money on everything from gifts, to decorating, to food and beverage for entertaining, this is the time to reach out and tell them you have the best quality, value, creative ideas, or services that they want. 
  • Nonprofits flourish at this time of year, as with a season of giving, people open their wallets to donate.  Donors step up because it makes them feel good, and because they get tax advantages for doing so.  Part of marketing a nonprofit is making it easy for donors to give early and give often.
  • For B2B enterprises, the holidays are a time to say thank you for a good year.  An acknowledgement of the positive role your customers play in making you a success is always appreciated and is too often overlooked.  Now is the time to plan a fun, heartfelt, personal way to express your thanks. Think about how you can do personal outreach during the season to help increase or improve your position for 2017.
  • Employees look forward to an end of year acknowledgement.  From the standpoint of the company, this is marketing to a really important audience – the ones who keep your organization moving ahead.  Use this time of year to say thanks for what they’ve done and create an anticipation for another good year.  Whether it’s a special party, a celebration at work with food and gift exchanges, bonuses, cards, gifts or a time to support those in your community who need help at this time of year, make an acknowledgement for your staff to remember.
  • The end of the year is also a season for planning your success for 2017.  That won’t happen without some good marketing, which is really your communication to all of the important groups in your business life.

Are you ready for the holidays? This busy season is upon us, and we need to embrace it.  Need some help in that direction?  Oster and Associates won’t do your holiday shopping, but we may be able to help you with marketing through the end of the year and into a good “new year.”  Let us help you finish 2016 on a fun, creative note with an anticipation of good things to come.

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