Virtual Farm Tours: An Essential Tool for Marketing Produce in 2020

The impact of the global pandemic in 2020 has made important services go digital and has driven industries to find new and innovative ways of connecting with customers. With groceries being an essential service that had no time for a shutdown, the produce industry has quickly evolved. Produce trade shows are now virtual and companies are getting accustomed to setting up digital booths. These are just a few of the many ways that the industry continues to innovate.

An important marketing tool moving forward is the virtual farm tour concept which benefits both B2B and B2C businesses by showing stakeholders where their food is coming from without leaving the safety of their home or office. Travel restrictions do not look like they are easing up anytime soon, yet people still want to see how companies are managing sustainability and social responsibility on farms. We at Oster and Associates are proud to introduce our “Farm to You” digital farm tour and webinar program.

Farm to You is a unique opportunity to reach targeted buyers and share innovations, programs and new products as well as highlighting growing and packing facilities. This is an informative and interactive program designed to foster greater connection between suppliers, distributors and consumers. Oster and Associates oversees the tour project from initial planning to final presentation, which eliminates the stress of writing copy, creating a detailed script, managing video production, editing and more. Customized to your goals, the program will produce a video that suits your needs, a presentation agenda with product materials, and training staff  prior to the live webinar. The Farm to You program gives your company a strong sales tool with flawless, easy-to-use technology.

Employing our tried-and-true marketing techniques, we promote your farm tour to the people who will make a difference in your success. This includes broad-reaching programs in social media and public relations along with strategic outreach efforts to book private webinar presentations. Everything can be as interactive as you choose. Oster and Associates will moderate the program, present videos for viewers, develop interactive conversations, engage customers and media to make this an exciting and productive program. With Farm to You, customers and potential business partners will know that your company means business.

Virtual farm tours are now a vital sales tool in the produce industry. Be ready for the competition by customizing your Farm to You virtual farm tour and webinar package today.

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