Twitter Moments

As social media continues to be increasingly important as a medium for news, certain platforms are catering to their users by introducing a news element to their sites. Twitter is one of these. It recently introduced “Twitter Moments.”

Initially, the feature was introduced to a select few and limited topics to news, entertainment, sports and so on.  Twitter Moments has since evolved and is now available to the average user, including company accounts.

Companies can utilize this new feature in a multitude of ways, one only has to be creative to ensure that their moment is engaging and shareable. One example is creating a Moment for the last campaign that your company ran. It’s a great way to wrap up a campaign and highlight all the best tweets during it.

A Twitter Moment shouldn’t be longer than 10-15 tweets. Include tweets that have visual content to keep the user engaged and are relevant to the theme of your Moment. When compiling tweets, be sure to include content from other accounts that contributed to the campaign, either by tweeting about it or using your hashtag.

Organics Unlimited tried out this feature for GROW month, a month-long campaign that showcases the important non-profit work that GROW helps fund for the nearby communities, around its organic banana farms. Here’s how it turned out:


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