Three Ways your Business Can Use Social Media

“Social media” is a widely-used term all over the world. It’s here to stay, but will continue to evolve. Today, a business without active social media presence is regarded as dated. Potential customers searching for a business in a specific industry turn to social media to learn more about it, its products or services and the feedback it receives. If your business isn’t present or is inactive on social media, there’s a good chance your competitors are, and they will receive the revenue instead. Whether you’re looking to join the social media world or improve your efforts, these tips will help your business appeal to your current and potential customers.

Specials on Products or Services

 Social media platforms are ideal for sharing updates on your products or services. Your target market isn’t checking your business’ website for new information every day, I promise. Instead, they are on social media and when they follow your business they will see the important updates you want to share. If you’re consumer facing, consider posting specials, event information and new releases to encourage more new and loyal followers. Many businesses encourage their followers to like, share or comment on posts in order to receive the offered promotion. This tactic gets the post in front of those who are following the follower and can increase more engagement.

If you’re B2B focused, you may not have the volume of followers, but posting product and service updates is still a great way to show what your business does and offers and how it can provide customer benefits.

Content Marketing

Content marketing educates your followers by sharing valuable knowledge and advice that positions your business as a thought leader. Posting blogs, photos, videos, webinars, podcasts and assessments are just a few ways to show your expertise. You’ll receive bonus points in the viewers’ mind if these materials come directly from your business instead of shared from a similar one.

Is there a new trend you’ve noticed? Speak to it in a concise, professional way to show you’re the expert and gain respect and trust.

Customer Service

Remember when I said your target market isn’t checking your website every day for updates? That’s true for when they’re looking for customer service, too. Users who know the business they want to reach is on social are more prone to reach out to them over a platform rather than looking up the customer service number for your business and making a call. This isn’t a bad thing, as your business can capitalize on this and be there for your customers at any time of day. This is also a great way to track trends, for example, do multiple people really like or really dislike a certain product or service you offer and are talking about it on social? Use this information to thank your customers and staff or make necessary changes.

Can your company benefit from a new or improved social media presence? We can help you. Send us an email us at or call 619-906-5540 to get in touch with us.

– Claire

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