The Impact of Hosting Special Events

Hosting a special event should be just that – special. Big or small, client-centered special events can be very impactful in many ways.

The time spent planning and successfully carrying out an event helps lay the groundwork for future success. A media day, or special media-only event, is an ideal way to introduce news decision makers like reporters, producers, editors, anchors, publishers, bloggers and influencers to a product, service or place.

For a client such as Mountain High, Southern California’s closest winter resort located just outside of Los Angeles, a media day serves as an opportunity for media outlets and their members to learn more about what takes place up on the mountains. It is more than just simply skiing and snowboarding. Mountain High is comprised of three different properties (West Resort, North Resort and East Resort) and employs anywhere between 800-to-1,000 people during its peak season. As the area’s largest employer, Mountain High serves as the lifeblood of the nearby town of Wrightwood, Calif. And no major mountain driving is involved to reach it, which means that visitors spend less time behind the wheel and more time outside enjoying the slopes.

Mountain High offers skiing and snowboarding for all ages and skill levels in addition to its North Pole Tubing Park and famed ski school, where generations of Southern Californians have learned to ski and snowboard from many of the industry’s best instructors. The resort’s guests reflect the great diversity of the region and it is a true leader in the global winter resort industry. Climate change has greatly impacted what winter looks like at Mountain High and so the resort has one of the world’s best snowmaking operations to help ensure that its slopes are covered in fresh powder, even when Mother Nature doesn’t drop consistent snow.

Media day attendees directly experience everything in a way that a phone call or email message could never convey.   

Oster and Associates has worked diligently to introduce and, in some instances, reintroduce local media to Mountain High. The brand, history and fun experience that guests can all enjoy is a story worth telling others. One of the best ways to start telling that story to a broad audience is to tell it directly to the story tellers – the media themselves.

The impact of a media-focused gathering is felt long beyond the completion of the event day. It can kick-start ongoing media coverage, be the first step of a long-term symbiotic relationship and a catalyst to raising awareness of that product, service or place.  

If you or your company would like to learn more about the experiences and success stories of our clients or how our agency can help you plan and successfully execute a special event, don’t hesitate to call 619-906-5540 or email us.


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