The Growth of E-Commerce and Personalized Content

As COVID-19 forced the world to retreat back into the safety of our homes and transition towards an online-focused lifestyle, e-commerce becomes much more important for companies to bring in more business. A study conducted in November of 2020 by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that within last year’s third quarter, e-commerce sales have represented 14.3 percent of total sales. It also found that in within one year, e-commerce sales increased by 36.7 percent from 2019’s 3rd quarter. The apparent effect of this new online growth continues to escalate as more customers move towards teleworking and staying home full-time.


E-commerce is most prevalent when purchasing soft goods, such as apparel and electronics. Other items like health and beauty products as well as high-end luxury goods, are not seeing as much of an increase in online sales, as customers still prefer to shop in-store. However, as COVID-19 advances in restricting in-person access to businesses, e-commerce will continue to prosper and extend towards a wider range of products.


So how can you draw in more customers to utilize your online resources? Building your email list for current and prospective consumers will ensure that they are receiving valuable exposure to your products, and more importantly, your brand. This will begin securing customer loyalty to your business and will make certain that they continue purchasing your products, even when you transition towards a remote setting. Incorporating promotions within these recurring emails will greatly strengthen your consumer loyalty because customers will remain on your email list if they are being rewarded for doing so.


Personalized content is another effective way to acquire a larger consumer base and to entice your customers to frequent your business more often. A study described in Forbes resulted in 91 percent of consumers being more likely to shop with brands that remember their previous purchases and that tailor their content to match each customer’s preference. There is a lot of potential within this strategy because e-commerce sales are steadily on the rise and by incorporating more personalized content, business could be receiving as much as a $20 return for every $1 spent. Making use of this approach will reinforce and sustain your consumer loyalty because shoppers will return to your business if they are consistently provided with content that is specific to their individual purchasing needs.


COVID-19 has presented businesses with a new opportunity for growth and the ability to attract a larger demographic with e-commerce. Utilizing it to your advantage will immensely benefit your business and will exponentially drive up your online product sales, especially if you incorporate personalization into your customers’ shopping experience. Reach out to our marketing team for a free consultation today.

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