The outdoor living concept has expanded exponentially. According to Hearth & Home Magazine, it has become a permanent part of the Northern American lifestyle. There are so many elements to consider from dining areas to furniture, counter spaces, sinks, refrigerators, decks – it literally has become a room outside your home in your backyard!

But marketing outdoor furniture can be tough because it is such a focused niche and there are different demographics with varying budgets to consider…

Those with disposable income that have the means to design their dream room outdoors are obviously the most profitable. They have the budget to be able to include all of the above and more so we can gain their attention by placing ads in high-end magazines and home design trade magazines (to capture the designers they may be hiring to assist them), :15 second eye-catching videos on premium TV subscriptions or geotargeting desired zip codes and HHIs by using specific keywords.

For the rest, ads in home magazines, TV commercials, radio spots, geofencing or having booths at popular home design events for DIY fans covers the gamut.

Demographics can include the following:

  • Generational Groups – Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z
  • Age Ranges
  • Ethnic Backgrounds
  • Family Structure – intact, divorced, separated, stepfamilies, never-married and mother-partner
  • Home ownership
  • Single family home vs. Condo
  • Income and Investments

Within the demographics lie details such as hobbies, political affiliations, religious affiliations, and other things that can affect decisions in one way or another. Knowing these things helps you to better focus your efforts on your targeted audience.

The most important thing to know is whether the demographic you are targeting can afford the product you are selling. We all know it would be useless to try and market a high-end grill to someone who can barely purchase a bag of charcoal. Finding out what income range you will be working with will help you extrapolate data to support how they can spend their money.

Contact Oster and Associates – we can help you figure out who, what and where to target!

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