Targeting the Under 25 Market

Take a look at Oster and Associates’ portfolio and you’ll see a wide range of clients we work with. One of our clients, specifically Mountain High, otherwise known as Southern California’s closest winter resort, has been targeting the under 25 market since their inception. Bringing in Oster’s team only ensured they would be the most effective in their efforts, as we provide over 30 years of experience in advertising, public relations, interactive, branding and media buying with clients that successfully target this market. Here are ways Oster is able to reach and engage with those under 25.

Be Accessible on Mobile

Roughly 47% of the 16-24 market are using their mobile devices (think cell phone or tablet) consistently. Therefore, the most effective ways to reach this market is through mobile ads, social media advertising and engagement and utilizing the most mobile-friendly websites. Creating and engaging on these mobile mediums are some of the best ways to reach this market as they are constantly in use by those under 25.

Act Now

Targeting to this specific group now will only set your company up for success in the future. In only about 15 years, the current 16-24 year olds will be the biggest purchasing generation. Missing the opportunity to target those under 25 early on could cause a possibility of missing them when they’re at their buying prime later on. Oster’s current strategy of placing the most important messaging where those under 25 in the Southern California area will see them, consistently keeps ticket sales by this target market high, with a goal to keep these same ticket holders as they age.

Authenticity is King

You’ve heard “content is king” before, but what kind of content specifically? Authenticity in content will help your brand earn trust and will give your tweet, post or photo a better chance of being retweeted, shared or commented on. The under 25 market are spending an average of 25 hours per week online and are constantly on websites, blogs and social media pages. They’re bound to engage with your posts more if they’re authentic. Using language and buzz words that resonates with this market is a way to be authentic in posts.

Engaging quickly and with an authentic tone will help your brand gain respect. If your brand makes a mistake or is suffering from a crisis, own it honestly. If there’s a current event that’s tasteful to reference or find humor in, craft the best post you can about it. Be on the lookout and use, when appropriate, trending hashtags, gifs and memes.

Gaining trust and interest from the under 25 market is attainable by following the steps above. Taking initiative to reach this market now will ensure your business grows as fast as them and their buying power.


Oster and Associates, in operation since 1986, has a diverse client roster in industries such as agriculture, engineering, hospitality, landscaping, nonprofit, planning, produce, sports and travel, among others.

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