Tapping into Hispanic Buying Power Can Boost your Business

The Hispanic population is on track to becoming the largest minority group and eventually becoming the majority group by mid-century. Out of the top 10 metropolitan areas with a Spanish speaking population in the U.S., three are in California, which is more than any other state. One of the top 10 radio stations in L.A. is Spanish. Still, especially in Southern California, some marketers have yet to discover the importance of high buying power of Hispanics. 

Along with hiring an agency that’s familiar with the Hispanic audience, there are plenty of opportunities to capture the attention of the Hispanic market to grow your business.

Engage on Social Media
You may have noticed comments in Spanish on your social posts. Are you responding, specifically in Spanish? If your target market is broad and includes the Hispanic audience, your business is responsible for engaging with your Spanish speaking followers. Although you may not use Spanish in your ads or at your business, answering comments in Spanish will help you gain respect in the Hispanic community. In turn, this could lead to purchases of your product or service by the Hispanic audience.

Translate your Site Correctly
Do you have Spanish speaking visitors coming to your website? Do you have a Spanish version of your site? It’s imperative that the Spanish translation from English on a website is not literal. Spanish speakers will immediately become aware of copy errors, just as English speakers can tell when a site has been translated directly from a different language. Take the time to ensure your site has a Spanish version that’s translated correctly in both language and culture, especially if your target market includes the Hispanic audience.

Create Video Content
Hispanics stream 60% more of online video per month than non-Hispanic users. If your target audience is or includes Hispanic people, and you don’t post video content consistently, what are you waiting for? Video content can include product demonstrations, introduction interviews from team members, behind the scenes shots of a working factory floor or your team members participating in a company culture activity. Whatever a business can do to get their name and product in front of the Hispanic audience through video will boost their chances of gaining them as customers. Need more motivation to post video content? Viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video. Those are stats we like to hear!

At Oster and Associates, we’re experts at targeting the Hispanic audience through public relations (PR), social media and digital marketing to lead your customers into a deeper relationship with your brand. Want to tap into the growing Hispanic market and grow your revenue? Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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