Taking Advantage of Cross Marketing Opportunities

In this fast paced world of marketing and public relations, it is never a bad idea to call for reinforcements to help expand your brand. By taking advantage of cross marketing opportunities with companies that complement your products or services you are creating added value and exposure to your own brand. At Oster and Associates we have developed many collaborative efforts that have produced win-win situations and big return on investment for our clients.

While working with Big Bear Mountain Resorts this winter we were able to piggyback on media coverage relating to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Thanks to the rich history of the resort and the publicity generated by famous snowboarder Shaun White, BBMR was able to utilize cross promotion coverage that complemented each other perfectly.

Last year, we capitalized on a great opportunity with two of our clients, Armstrong Garden Centers and Mighty ‘Mato. Although Mighty ‘Mato products can be found online they can also be found in Armstrong Garden locations across California. Using this knowledge to our advantage, this little tidbit was mentioned during a live segment on Fox 5 San Diego. This helped drive sales for Mighty ‘Mato as well as traffic into Armstrong. In return, Armstrong mentioned Mighty ‘Mato as the hottest tomato plant on the market for the 2013 growing season in the LA Times, which provided more of a reason to seek out the tomato plant in stores, once again driving traffic and sales for both companies.

Through cross marketing partnerships like these you will be tapping into an extended pool of new potential customers and resources. In exchange for joint endorsement, there is simultaneous communication from both ends that create co-opportunities for more brand recognition. Forming this type of bond between products or services will create a bridge of trust that will result in new and exciting positions for all parties involved.

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