Supporting Small Businesses During the Coronavirus

Small businesses have suffered greatly since the beginning of the coronavirus shutdowns. Small businesses have made up most of the job loss which comes out to around 17%.

With many local businesses having to shut their doors for good, now is a time for people everywhere to focus their purchasing efforts on local, small businesses. But how can small businesses get in touch with their customer base when many are still sitting at home and practicing social distancing? Although there are different marketing approaches that can be used, utilizing technology and social media make the most sense.

With over one billion people connected to small businesses on Facebook, there are ways that small businesses can promote themselves digitally to all the people who are still staying home.

  1. Post regular updates on all social accounts – this will help customers to know if there has been a change in hours, products, or health guidelines. It will also build trust by showing your business is following all WHO, CDC, and local guidelines.
  2. Make each post personal – include pictures of employees wearing their masks, working to extend patios, and interacting with the owners and customers. These feel good posts will encourage patrons to support your company.
  3. Keep each message single-minded – do not try to post everything you want customers to know at one time. Focus each post to a message you would like to communicate.
  4. Optimize for mobile – create short (1 minute or less) videos meant to be watched on mobile devices that announce customer favorites or new products. This does not have to be a well shot or edited video. It can be as simple as having a coworker film an employee while they show samples of food, products or even services.
  5. Encourage current customers to post testimonials – you can do this by offering incentives like a discount if they share about their experience on social media and tag your business.
  6. Be honest – let your customer base know that the coronavirus has taken its toll on your business and that you would love the communities support in supporting local as well as spreading the word.

Small businesses are vital to the US economy. We must all do our part to keep them alive and running. Oster is working with selected members of our local neighborhood. If you are a small business that needs marketing help, please reach out now.

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