Summer Marketing Tips

During the summer months, online marketing trends enter a period of decline. Temperatures rise and consumers begin peeling themselves away from their computer screens and enter The Great Outdoors. Consumer needs change with each season, and the summer is no exception. Here at Oster and Associates, we’ve come up with a few tips that will heat up your summer campaign:
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Target Summer Holidays

Take advantage of summer holidays! This tip may not immediately sound like a game-changer, but a successful holiday campaign can  make you an industry standout. And with so many to choose from, (Mother’s & Father’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day) it’s hard to be uninspired. A perfect example of this would be advertising in a grocery or hardware store, two places where summer holiday shoppers will be in swarms.

Promote at Festivals & Outdoor Events

Summer weather allows for outdoor events such as festivals, concerts, and parties. These are all perfect settings for a summer marketing campaign. Festivals are excellent for distributing promotional materials or for displaying your work in front of a gang of potential customers. Not only are these events promotion-friendly, but they allow for the most under utilized marketing tactic today, face-to-face communication. That’s right, by networking at summer events, you can connect with consumers and even win a few new customers.

Try Imprinted Summer Items

Summer branding items present an opportunity for promoting important client information. Ideas can range from branded frisbees, water bottles, beach towels, T-shirts or beach bags; they all are options for imprinting a client’s name, address, phone number, and web address. This form of advertising not only offers consumers important client information, but serves as a functional item to boot. Imprinted items can also be easily distributed at the aforementioned outdoor events.

Use Creative Strategies

In the summer consumers browse the Internet on portable devices or quickly scan their favorite sites at home or the office. Less time is spent casually surfing the web; this is where marketers should let their “freak flag fly” in terms of the creative process, and where conventional advertising might not cut it. Ideas? Why not start a summer social media contest? Since the summer consumer will spend more time outside and about town, why not utilize aerial ads, billboards, or public transit to spice up a lack-luster campaign?

What are some of your favorite summer advertising tips?

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