Standing Out in the Landscaping Industry: Build a Brand for Your Company

In the highly competitive environment of the landscaping industry, standing out from your 10 next-door competitors might seem impossible. Nevertheless, there is always a company more well known, getting more coverage and clients. What if this company were yours? Branding will help position your company to get there!  

In the landscaping industry, you have two major types of competitors:

1. Companies offering the same services with the same quality, in the same price range. Prospects have a hard time choosing between you and those companies because you all look the same to them.

2. Companies offering the same services but with a lower quality, which allow them to lower their prices. Customers will be tempted to choose them over you to save money.

Building a strong brand for your company can actually help you win both of those two battles.

To attract clients who can’t decide between you and your competitors because your offer looks very similar, the way you present your company and services will be decisive. Your brand will catch the eyes of your prospective customers which will help them to choose you over your competitors and help you be remembered.

To convince customers who are tempted to choose a cheaper service over you, branding will be the key to explaining to them the reasons or your higher price. Through your brand, you send the message that you are the best and most dependable choice for your clients and that they will benefit from doing business with you.

In both cases, your brand will help you to stand out and demonstrate the value of your company. Having a recognized brand that people can trust will make their choice much easier.

Once you have decided the purpose and message of your brand, transpose it into a strong visual identity. Seize the opportunity to show your creativity and design talent as early as the first contact you have with your client. By being original, adapting to the industry and remaining consistent in all of your visuals, your brand will leave an impression. Use your logo, ads, website, business cards and even vehicles as promotional materials to continue spreading your company’s message.

Branding will have a positive effect not only on customers, but also on your employees. If your company has a strong and respectable image, it will attract a talented, reliable and motivated workforce. Make your company a place where people can be proud to work. Customers will trust you and recommend you to their friends, and employees will be honored to be your ambassadors.

Branding will help you define and share your unique value proposition. This value proposition will be the reason customers will choose you over your competitors. They will be convinced working with you will benefit them, and they will not hesitate to pay extra for that service.


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