Spooky Plants

It is October which means it’s that time of year where everything gets a little bit spookier. And what could be a better way to get your home ready for Halloween then by decorating with spooky plants?


Leave the pumpkins be because the real magic of Halloween are the unconventional decorations and garnish. If you really want to get in the theme of Halloween, include Dracula orchids in your spooky plant list. These orchids are dark black in color and have a resemblance to Count Dracula’s face. Orchids are adored by many and although this specific type resembles a spooky fictitious character, these plants won’t bite; they are non-toxic to humans and pets.

Looking for a plant that resembles the brain? Look no further than the Cockscomb plant, also known as the Brain Celosia. With their bright, fuzzy, squiggly shape, these plants give off some spooky vibes. Cockscomb does best in hot weather conditions and blooms into late fall. You can also pick these up a few weeks before Halloween because they have a 5 to 14-day vase life.

Another group of plants that are sure to spook up your house are carnivorous plants. One of the most well-known carnivores is the Venus flytrap. These plants are sure to bring out conversation with their trapping abilities and connection to pop culture from the movie and musical hit “Little Shop of Horrors.” Sit back and watch them chow down on “scary” insects.

Sundews are another spooky carnivorous plant option. With fuzzy stems that contain dew, they are sure to get rid of all the gnats buzzing around your house. Sundews love bright light so make sure to keep them in a sunny place outside. Although the carnivorous plants listed here are safe if you have dogs or cats, always make sure to check that they are not poisonous before purchasing.

Known for their expertise as horticulturists, be sure to visit your local Armstrong Garden Center to learn more about which spooky plants are right for you!


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