Socializing the Produce Industry


Advertising in the produce industry is based on an aging promotions platform which does little to engage consumers. In order to successfully market a produce brand, companies need to have an informative and interactive line of communication with their target market. This is where social media can save the day; it’s an affordable and potent fix. By implementing a social marketing plan, produce companies can build brand loyalty while increasing profitability.

Here at Oster and Associates, we utilize the latest social media platforms for our client Organics Unlimited as a part of a complete marketing plan. We feel that The Produce for Better Health Foundation is an organization setting the bar high, socially. PBH is active, and easily accessible to their target audience. They extended their outreach to consumers by creating interactive websites and social marketing campaigns which have become extremely popular. Here are a few of their social media stats:

•    Facebook: 10,000+ Likes
•    Twitter: More Than 8,000 Followers
•    Website: 80,000 Monthly Visitors
•    Opt-in Email Participants: 30,000

The key to their success lies in their ability to communicate effectively. PBH provides members of the fruit and vegetable industry, educators, health professionals, and consumers valuable resources and tools to support an increase in produce consumption. Their social media accounts are targeted strategically; PBH has an extremely active fan base that ‘talk’ to each other by sharing tips, ideas, and recipes involving fresh produce.

PBH uses blogging as another way to stay relevant. Blogging is a great way to stay ahead of your competitors because blogs help inform your consumers about the way you work, how you differ from others, and how your services are above your competitors. A blog can also prove to be a powerful tool for building long-term relationships with your consumers. By posting unbiased and heartfelt articles, you can earn trust from your potential customers, which will drive business growth.

Produce industry, are you listening? Brand representation online needs to be consumer-oriented and conversational. The marketing and advertising world is evolving; stay relevant and impactful by using social media to achieve your business goals.

What are some other produce companies you’ve noticed are ‘getting social?’

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