Ski the Social Media Wave

The way we enjoy our trips to the snow has changed but it still remains an exciting vacation with family and friends and a way to reconnect with nature. It is also the perfect occasion to update social media accounts. Yes, societal changes are happening in the snow industry and there is no reason why anyone should leave Facebook at home.

The ski industry has a lot of potential for social media content: stunning views, sensational experiences and great company. People are excited to share all those great memories with their social network.  

Ski resorts should take advantage of the situation and connect with guests on a whole new level. Social media is the perfect place to provide a weather forecast, lunch offers and trail conditions and also it’s a way to build stronger relationships with snow enthusiasts. Invite them to share their coolest pictures, funniest videos and most impressive jumps with you. Be proactive and meet your target audience where they interact.

According to Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey, word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family are the most dependable type of advertising. Keeping that in mind, give your customers the opportunity to check-in to all those great locations they visited while staying at your resort. This allows their followers to learn about your resorts. Let’s make the ones back home jealous so they will be tempted to visit the snow sooner than expected.

Be social media friendly and create your own community. It’s not just about skiing anymore; it’s an entire experience you are offering that gives them bragging rights.



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