Sharing Your Sustainability Story

Earth Day is right around the corner! It was first celebrated in April 22, 1970, and has been celebrated annually ever since. Now, Earth Day has become a major festivity around the globe, with more than 192 countries taking part in the celebration each year.

As Earth day is rapidly approaching, companies and individuals should start reflecting on what they can do to help make a positive environmental impact on the planet. These days, businesses are putting a lot of time, money and effort into sustainability and eco-friendly business practices in order to make our planet a better place. These companies are also letting their customers know more about their efforts.

Many corporations are conducting campaigns during this time to demonstrate the steps they are taking to maintain a cleaner and healthier planet. One example of a company doing this is Disneynature, an affiliate of the Disney Company. The program, “See Bears, Protect Our National Parks” will be making a contribution to the National Park Foundation to protect wildlife and wild places across America’s National Park system. For every moviegoer that sees the film “Bears” during its opening week, April 18-24, 2014, Disneynature will give a contribution via the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.

Another company celebrating Earth Day is Starbucks. Starbucks is dedicated to sustainable practices, and on Earth Day, they will offer a free cup of brewed coffee or tea to anyone who brings a reusable mug or tumbler in to one of its locations on Earth Day.

Stop and think of all of the possibilities for you and your company to ensure that you are contributing to make our planet as healthy as possible. Then, share your story! As more and more consumers become increasingly eco-conscious, you’ll build brand loyalty the more you share your sustainability story. Need guidance? At Oster and Associates, we’ve helped countless brands share their own unique story, and we’d love to tell yours next. Take the time to tell the world the steps you are taking in to contribute to maintaining the planet. Remember—when people see other people doing good things—they will want to take action too.

Happy Earth Day from all of us at Oster and Associates!

–  Karla 

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