SAFE – San Diego Advertising’s Answer to Lending a Hand

As an advertising agency, we work in an industry not always recognized for its humanitarian efforts.  However, this week we’re celebrating another year of support for the San Diego Advertising Fund for Emergencies (SAFE), and it’s an organization worth recognizing.

Back in 2000, a concerned group of advertising professionals who represented agencies, freelancers and media outlets started a nonprofit organization to help those in the industry in time of life crisis.  It was initiated in response to the hardship of an individual who was left debilitated by an auto accident.  The initial fundraising helped that gentleman, but it made many of us realize how vulnerable we can all be, especially those who work for small organizations or are self-employed.  There was definitely need industry-wide for a support system. 

This week we again have the opportunity to help industry members with short-term emergency financial support through the annual event entitled “Safe and Sound.”  It’s a big party – something we all enjoy – held at Karl Strauss Tasting Room & Beer Garden on April 19, 2018 from 5 – 9 p.m.  All proceeds from the event will help fund future needs should they unfortunately arise within the industry.

Why do we do this?  Even the advertising industry has a heart.  We’re known as an industry that is fast living, fun loving and rather callous.  Helping those in need is important, and it’s good business. The small amount of money that you may spend attending an event like this or donating to the cause at will somehow repay you several times over in the future.  Won’t you join us for the best party of the year?

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