Ryan’s Internship Experience

Working at Oster and Associates was the first internship of my career, and I wasn’t sure of what to expect. The dedicated and friendly team at Oster and Associates was very welcoming, and I felt like a member of the team from the first day. The staff at Oster even took me out for happy hour to celebrate my 21st birthday. They took me under their wing and showed me the ins and outs of the daily operations and what it takes to keep the agency running smoothly.

The time I spent at Oster and Associates was fulfilling, interesting and I learned quite a bit. I learned the importance of teamwork and how essential collaboration is to the marketing and advertising industry. I learned how much thought, time and planning goes into running advertisements and the importance of knowing people and having professional connections. I learned to put myself in the client’s shoes to determine what their problem is and how to solve it.

I spent time doing research, updating quarterly public relations plans and helping develop social media calendars. I also reached out to publications to retrieve media kits and worked with the team to develop presentations for clients.

The culture at Oster and Associates feels like a family. The tight-knit staff allows for more open communication and honest feedback on projects. Everyone at Oster and Associates was willing to stop what they were doing for a few minutes to answer my questions and explain the correct way of doing things. I am satisfied with my internship experience and the time spent working with the amazing staff at Oster and Associates.

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