Recognizing the Importance of Social Responsibility Branding

Today, consumers are increasingly aware of not only how their produce is grown, but also of the social impact a company can have on communities. This awareness prompted Oster and Associates to work closely with its current client, Organics Unlimited, to start a social responsibility program that would give back to the communities in their banana-growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador.

In 2005, Organics Unlimited and Oster and Associates recognized the need to help communities attain a higher quality of life. It was out of this idea that GROW by Organics Unlimited was born. GROW helps fund programs such as child education, scholarships for higher education, healthcare, dental and vision clinics, clean water programs and more. Every time a customer purchases a GROW organic banana, a portion of the proceeds go to fund these important initiatives.

Because the success of GROW depends on the purchases of GROW bananas, Oster and Associates identified the need to build brand awareness that also resonates with customers on an emotional level. Since the inception of GROW, Oster and Associates has been thoughtfully managing the public relations and marketing needs of the program through carefully curated branding, ad campaigns, creative design and education materials that span from trade publications to point-of-purchase merchandising. To further bring awareness, the agency created what would be known as GROW Month, a month-long celebration that takes place every September and involves partnering with retailers and media to create consumer awareness.

This September will mark the 13th annual GROW Month. It is a time to celebrate the success of a program that has given back over $2 million in aid. It is also a wonderful time to catch some of the advertising Oster and Associates has created; colorful, eye-catching bus sides in the Bay Area, thought-provoking and engaging radio spots in Portland, meaningful print and digital advertising and, of course, #GROWmonth on major social media platforms.

GROW owes its tremendous success to its integrity and passion to help entire communities improve their quality of life. Oster and Associates understands just how important it is to not only engage customers but to also give them the confidence that every time they purchase a GROW organic banana, they are making a difference.

If you would like help branding your social responsibility program, or for more information about Oster and Associates, please contact us.