Rebranding Is Fresh Thinking

We’re all aware of rebranding successes and failures of some of the world’s largest corporations.  Everyone seems to do it in one way or another.  But for companies of all sizes, it’s an important step to staying relevant in the market place, adjusting to changes with consumers and communicating ways in which your organization has evolved

All too often, we see companies get stuck on a logo being the “brand” of the company.  The logo does represent some of who the brand is, but there is so much more to the story.  Recently we embarked on a rebranding project for one of our clients, Organics Unlimited, with the thought that the company had grown and changed since its inception in 2000, but that the logo was a sacred cow that was going to stay as it had been created. Let’s walk through the process a bit to show you what it means in this case.


At Oster and Associates, we have a lot of answers.  But we don’t have all the answers, and that’s why it’s important for us to do extensive research at the beginning of a rebranding process.  For Organics Unlimited, that meant looking at the industry (organic bananas/produce), the staff, the customers and the competition.  Without bringing all of these elements into the mix, we could easily make assumptions that don’t work for one group or another.


Looking deeper into the organization, it’s important to revisit the company’s mission.  If it is still appropriate, then what is our reason for rebranding?  Do customers think of you as small or insignificant?  Is every sale based solely on price because no one realizes that real value of what you offer?  Are you not getting the recognition you should?  Some of these questions are part of the mission and some are a matter of defining that mission a bit more, which is a good reason to rebrand.


Rebranding needs to consider good business practices and goals, but the process also includes creativity.  At Oster and Associates, we have the creative know-how that balances right and left brain to come up with solutions that not only take numbers and charts into account, but also create new ways to communicate with customers that evoke emotions.  For Organics Unlimited, it was a matter of keeping the logos close to their original look, with slight changes. But the bigger part of the rebrand is some strong statements of who they are and where they stand in the marketplace.  It’s making them bold and decisive, a leader in the organic category.  There’s a look, and a lot of new messaging.


Rebranding needs to be applied to all sorts of communication.  For bananas, it includes everything from packaging that talks to consumers to a road show for wholesale and retail customers.  It’s ads, website, trade shows, presentations and public relations.  Rebranding is rethinking.  And rethinking requires re-communication. 

A New Plan

Rebranding requires a new plan.  Once the big picture is developed, you need to look at how that applies to everything you do.  A plan should not only spell out all of the elements to the process, but also what the timing for each segment of the program will be.  This is where charts and graphs become very important.  What will be done when?  How much time do you need for each element?  What does a change to one area initiate in terms of other changes that need to be made? 

What does a rebrand mean for Organics Unlimited?  It means new messaging, new packaging, website, PR, trade shows and sales materials.  But even more, it means a new commitment.  A new enthusiasm.  And an infectious energy that customers embrace.  The bottom line?  Energy, enthusiasm and brand ambassadors mean an increase in sales and increased brand awareness in all levels of marketing channels.  That spells success, and Oster and Associates is standing by ready to help!

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