The Importance of Rapid Response Packaging During COVID-19

Business has changed in the US since mid-March, which has also necessitated some changes in how we market. For one of our clients, First Class Packaging, this has meant reaching out some existing customers, but also a different group of potential customers who need their customized packaging services because of the need for protecting rapid response equipment.


With a 30+ year history of working with military and other government contractors as well as manufacturers throughout the area, FCP saw a special opportunity, and Oster designed a campaign specifically to address reaching the appropriate buyers and contractors quickly.

The Rapid Response campaign included several different elements.  First, a direct mail program was designed and sent to a very specific list of potential purchasing agents.


Simultaneous with the direct mail, a digital program was launched that was targeted to the same group, or other people who may not have been reached by the mailing but who carried similar responsibilities.  The digital campaign included advertising with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other online platforms.  It also included a targeted SEO focus, and a strong social media campaign.

The results?  Sandy Brock, president of FCP described the atmosphere in their facility as hectic as they respond to the demand.  Additionally, Southern California contractors and manufacturers became more aware of the offerings of FCP, which will mean a greater share of the market once the area’s businesses open more completely.


Strong “ruggedized” packaging is extremely important to the rapid response community during the COVID-19 pandemic.  But like anything, when you have a need, you also need to know where to go to fill that need.  That is where good marketing communications can put buyers and sellers together successfully.

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