Quickly Adapting to Technology During the COVID-19 Era

Produce industry embraces range of meeting options to conduct business in ongoing pandemic

SAN DIEGO – May 20, 2020 –
The COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted everything in some capacity or another. Technology that companies and people are utilizing to conduct meetings and virtual gatherings existed prior to the novel coronavirus, but consumers have now been forced to learn about and incorporate it into their daily lives.

A comprehensive new strategy is needed now because business has changed, especially when it comes to the produce industry. Adapting Zoom, GoTo and FaceTime among other software products to replace in-person meetings have allowed the industry to conduct business while state and local restrictions have been in effect. The national and global food supply chain has certainly been put to the test by increased demand and has never been stronger when it comes to consumer purchasing.

Online buying has increased, grocery shoppers are looking for produce, beverages, dairy, meats, frozen foods, fresh and prepackaged items, as well as cleaning supplies. Product availability matters more than a specific brand in the rush of panicked shopping. Things are starting to level out when it comes to sales as less hoarding is happening, but the way that companies reach customers certainly has changed.

“We really have to be strategic in how we reach consumers now,” said Bev Oster, Oster and Associates president. “How we tell a story about a company and its products expands beyond traditional ways of thinking. The ability to evolve now will help to ensure a company’s survival through this fast-changing global business climate.”

Saving time and money are critical to weathering an economic storm. Product videos and virtual farm tours save time and travel costs. Annual industry trade shows aren’t being held due to large gatherings not fitting with current social distancing standards. Growers can talk about all aspects that buyers are looking for and it can be done virtually, allowing for business to continue on without disruption.

“Efficiency matters and so does convenience when it comes to consumers shopping for goods and services,” said Oster. “Brands that make proper adjustments will be able to reach new customers and strengthen their standing with current customers.”

Digital outreach through online advertising, eblasts, frequent social media posts and select boosted or sponsored posts can get company messaging in front of countless eyes with people spending more time working remotely. These avenues can help companies really stretch a dollar and maximize the return on their investment.

The COVID-19 world brings about a whole set of new challenges, but companies that are courageous enough to embrace this change will be the ones that thrive.

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About Oster and Associates

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