Promoting Indoor Plants to Consumers Working from Home

With working from home being the new normal for 2020 and possibly even 2021, the promotional world has begun looking a lot different. Consumers are opting for curbside pickup and limited in-store shopping, so retailers will have to find creative ways to promote their products both online and in-person.

The retail gardening industry is one that has long benefited from tangible products and providing an immersive experience to shoppers. This industry will need to continue evolving the way they promote products to people who are working remotely. With colder months ahead, it is time for plant retailers and distributors to push indoor houseplants as the new fad. The stay-at-home workforce has been stuck at the same desk space for many months now and workers are probably starting to feel a bit bored. These workers will need creative inspiration for spicing things up in their home office, so it is time for the gardening industry to take charge and show the people what they want! The best way for garden retailers to promote indoor plants in the upcoming weeks is to show clean and inviting office displays that have a focus on different types of indoor plants.

A major California garden retailer, Armstrong Garden Centers, utilizes email blasts to promote new offerings to their customers. Armstrong and other retailers could tailor their emails to include photos of indoor plants covering people’s home office spaces. Some ideas of indoor plants that will look great in a home office this fall are Amaryllis, Colorful Aglaonema, Anthurium and Chrysanthemums.

Bromeliads also make excellent indoor plants, but consumers may not know how to care for these beautiful tropical flowers. Kent’s Bromeliads Nursery is a major nursery that specializes in growing bromeliads. The company recently released a “how to care for bromeliads” video so that their wholesalers and distributors can pass along a helpful video link for consumers who are now spending much more time looking at their beautiful flowers. Taking what they did one step further, garden centers can also put together some video footage of different types of office spaces or work-from-home spaces and show how indoor plants can thrive in certain lighting environments.

The possibilities for indoor plant promotion are endless, but a great starting place is to appeal to the vast majority of workers that spend their 9-5 workdays in a small home office space. If you would like to promote your plants or flowers, Oster and Associates can help. We have been marketing gardening products and companies for over 20 years. Please reach out now!

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