Produce Hashtags and What They Mean for Marketing

Digital marketing is taking the world by storm and the use of hashtags has become one of the easiest and most effective promotional strategies to draw attention to your brand. From simply incorporating them at the end of every social media caption, they immediately link your post to similar companies and expose your product or service to relevant, produce industry-specific consumers. It allows an unconventional brand to gain access to a virtual pool of customers with  relevant needs and wants.

A produce company can benefit from using hashtags in that you can specify the kinds of goods you offer, such as certain fruits and vegetables, within each of your social media posts. This allows consumers to make precise searches and see your account as a relevant brand that provides exactly what they are looking for. In addition, you can use general and vague hashtags that identify your company as a produce-selling establishment. This optimizes your brand’s exposure to include consumers that are solely looking for produce, rather than a general customer-base demographic. Examples of general produce hashtags include: #greens, #root, #vegan, #fresh, #produce, #ingredients, #seasonal, #homegrown, #eathealthy, and #nature. These all identify your company to be within the produce industry but are all still vague enough to maximize the number of users that your post reaches.

By utilizing hashtags in your digital promotional strategy, your brand will reach an increasing number of consumers.  Most social media platforms do not have a limit on the number of hashtags that can be added on to one post, which makes it easy to incorporate many and to magnify your post’s reach. Schedule a free consultation with us today if you would like to see how your company can benefit from using hashtags.

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