Produce -Getting Your Brand Recognized

Ever wonder about the necessity of all the packaging and brand recognition we see on fruits and vegetables? While much of the produce consumers buy today were at one time commodities, most produce companies now put their name on what they grow and distribute.  And there is a good reason for that.

More and more, consumers want to know about the produce they are consuming; where it was grown and how. Consumers tend to favor brands that are ethical and sustainable. Not only that, but more people are choosing to buy organic produce. In fact, the organic shopper is most likely to leave a retailer to purchase organic produce in other stores, if the only variety available is conventional.

This means that more than ever, produce brands need to tell their story and stand out from the competition through strong brand identity. This includes packaging and point of purchase materials that educate and inform the consumer. How is this company changing the world? How do they grow their produce? What is their environmental footprint?

In addition to point of purchase and packaging, produce companies are now taking social media by storm. Hashtags and online contests are just two things produce companies are using to engage their customers. Some brands are creating partnerships with influencers or other companies. For example, Dole’s Powering the Hero Within campaign continues this fall with a celebration of original Disney hero Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, featuring recipes, in-store, digital, social media, public relations and blogger/influencer extensions.

Branding produce doesn’t have to be boring or conventional. For more ideas on how to brand your product, contact us! The team at Oster and Associates can help build a strategy that allows you to reach your 2019 goals.

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