Brianna's Internship Experience

Brianna's Internship Experience

Interning at Oster and Associates was a great decision for my career path. I am more prepared than ever to enter the world of advertising. My internship started in early September and is coming to an end in mid-December, as I approach my graduation from San Diego State University. I will be obtaining a bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in advertising and a minor in art.

I have previous internship experience at both an agency and in-house. At my first agency internship, I was a graphic designer but realized that creative was not what I wanted to do full-time. With that in mind, I ventured outside of creative and into focusing on account management. As a rare journalism student who enjoys numbers, analytics, leadership and management, I have especially enjoyed my time working in media buying, vendor communications, budget management and account coordination.

My biggest take away from interning at Oster and Associates was my media buying experience. Armstrong Garden Centers, one of Oster’s long-term clients, wanted to run radio advertisements during fall and winter. Each week had different holiday themes and required target audience research, thorough organization, detailed planning, client presentations, budget management and negotiation with radio representatives. Additionally, we oversaw promotion coordination which included gathering required materials for the stations.

Being able to dive into such a large project for one of our biggest clients was very gratifying. One of the reasons why I chose to intern here at Oster and Associates was that they were very open to teaching me what I desired to learn more about. Their goal was to make sure I was gaining hands-on experience. Being able to tailor my internship experience to what I want to do with my future in advertising and overall job exploration was very rewarding. Here at Oster and Associates, it is obvious they want to ensure the interns are receiving the experience they came in for. They were also very accommodating with my busy last semester school schedule. I have greatly enjoyed my time at this agency and I am looking forward to what the future holds for me.

To apply for an internship at Oster and Associates, visit our website and send a cover letter, resume and/or portfolio link to AshleyL@osterads.comNo phone calls, please.




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