Organics Unlimited

Organics Unlimited

When Organics Unlimited established itself with its first customer in 2000, the company came to Oster and Associates with an open slate of marketing questions. Operating as its marketing department since that time, we have developed a dominate place for them in the organic banana industry in the U.S. through a combination of branding, consulting, advertising, public relations and digital programs.  The GROW social responsibility program, which we developed in 2005, has given the company both trade and consumer loyalty and provided annual double-digit growth.

Established company as a national and highly-recognized brand in the produce industry

Developed a social responsibility program that has donated over $2 million to communities in need

Marketing efforts resulted in a 24% increase in shipments per year since 2002.


As a grower and importer of premium organic bananas, the advertising for Organics Unlimited is focused on wholesalers and retailers throughout the U.S.  In an industry where most advertising lacks creativity, the ad campaigns Oster and Associates has created have gained a prominent level of interest and response.


Seeing a need to update the look and feel of Organics Unlimited brand, Oster and Associates re-designed and refreshed logos, packing boxes, banana tape, stickers and more. The result is a crisp, colorful look that evokes a feeling of freshness, sustainability and organic.


Oster and Associates created a website for Organics Unlimited that is informative, easy to navigate, eye-catching and engaging. Images used were taken directly on location in the banana farms and feature actual workers, giving a personal touch. Weekly blogs and updates make this an active resource for its customers.

Media Buying

From digital ads to print ads to bus sides and radio commercials, Oster and Associates ensures Organics Unlimited has a strong presence in both trade and consumer media.

Public Relations

Oster and Associates has been able to elevate the Organics Unlimited brand through aggressive media relations efforts and industry events, which continue to result in frequent story placements in respected industry publications in targeted west coast markets. It also engages in extensive media outreach surrounding GROW Month and social responsibility efforts in U.S., Mexico and Ecuador.

Social Media

Daily management of both the Organics Unlimited and GROW by Organics Unlimited social media channels was instrumental in increasing brand loyalty and engagement.

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