Mountain High

Mountain High

As the ideal daycation for Southern Californians, Mountain High hired Oster and Associates for its public relations expertise in the tourism and snow-sport industries. Raising exposure to Mountain High’s various lifts, trails and runs, Oster and Associates is making tremendous strides in elevating brand awareness with media, skiers, snowboarders and Southern Californians of all ages.

Gained national exposure in major English and Spanish media outlets

Primary source of weather stories for Southern California media

Developed and successfully executed specialized and well-attended influencer events

Public Relations

Oster and Associates aggressively engaged media in Los Angeles and San Diego to secure earned media placements and expanded outreach to influencers, including travel personalities and lifestyle/mommy bloggers throughout Southern California. The agency was able to establish Mountain High as a consistent source for news and information regarding Southern California’s mountains during the winter season.

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