Armstrong Garden Centers

Armstrong Garden Centers

Since 1889, Armstrong Garden Centers has established itself as the industry leader but needed help in engaging a broad audience. Oster and Associates crafted comprehensive media buying and PR plans for the employee-owned company that has experienced elevated brand awareness and increased sales since our partnership began in 2009.

Positioned company through advertising and PR as the premier garden center throughout Southern California

Established organization as a highly-admired and respected community leader

Crafted brand as an industry news source for Southern California media


With a strong goal of driving traffic to Armstrong Garden Centers retail outlets, the online campaigns are seasonally based. Oster and Associates has utilized contests, coupons and games to attract buyers for everything from spring planting to Christmas decorating. 

Media Buying

With stores throughout Southern California, mass media is an ideal way to reach the gardening public who can find products and advice from a center near them. We use radio in Los Angeles and San Diego during peak seasons, primarily spring and fall into the holidays.  Radio advertising is supplemented with promotional support and station digital advertising.

Public Relations

Oster and Associates secured editorial features and TV segments with media in Los Angeles and San Diego, where 29 of its 31 stores are located in California.

We fine-tuned messaging on company programs (such as water conservation and fire prevention), public interaction, media distributions and community outreach for California’s oldest and largest garden center brand.

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