Outdoor Winter Sports Trends 2019 – 2020

Are you ready to embrace the cold? According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this winter’s temperatures will be sporadic and is being dubbed a “polar coaster.” Customers vying to jump on their skis and snowboards will be happy to know that most of the U.S. should be experiencing “frigid temperatures” well into February 2020. To prepare your outdoor sports business for a frosty winter, it is important to stay ahead on the 2019-20 winter trends.

Younger consumers put a lot of shopping emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability. It is important for them that brands are engaged with corporate social responsibility and that they have offerings with a positive global impact. PrimaLoft, which provides high quality insulated products, has created “insulations made entirely from post-consumer recycled (PCR) material.” Outdoor sports brands need eco-friendly options in order to appeal to their Gen-Z and millennial cohorts.

Outdoor winter sports have always been considered dangerous in comparison to everyday sports like basketball or soccer. Because of this, it is important to consumers that they stay updated with the latest safety gear. With the advancement of modern technology, a new trend has emerged among common safety gear such as helmets and backpacks where Bluetooth and other tech is integrated to help keep the customer safe and informed. Black Diamond’s Jetforce Pro is a backpack designed for winter activities and even has an avalanche airbag built-in. It is important for brands to design gear that is both effective and built for the modern trailblazer.

Lastly, consumers do not want to ski down the mountain in their grandparents’ hand-me-downs (looking at you turtle-necks). Part of the fun of winter sports is showing off one’s style, both clothing-wise and in skill. Winter sports brands must stay up-to-date on current fashion trends to ensure that they appeal to the fashionable winter sports trends which includes “neon-hued accessories and cozy fleece jackets.”

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