Oktoberfest: Teaching Marketers about Branding

Every year from the end of September to the beginning of October, the world’s most famous beer festival takes place in Munich, Germany. Known as Oktoberfest by most but simply called “Wiesn” by Germans, it is a celebration of drinks, food, and culture. Oktoberfest has been re-created in towns and cities around the world, and there are key marketing techniques that can be learned from this popular event.

A very important part of Oktoberfest is the experience itself. Brands must incorporate unique and memorable experiences into their marketing strategy. With Oktoberfest, everything centers around food, drinks, music, and a sense of community. People travel from all over parts of the world to join in and celebrate together to create a valuable experience.

Another lesson that can be learned from Oktoberfest is the value of planning. The successful coordination, building, and magnitude of the event is due to significant planning involved. Theresienwiese, the park that the festival takes place in every year is just that, a park. In order to create the festival, all the buildings are built on-site annually. Last year, over 6.3 million people attended Oktoberfest which goes to show how much time, effort, and planning is needed to accommodate that many people.

Lastly, do not overlook the power of testimonials. Oktoberfest’s fame and glory mostly comes from word of mouth testimonials by those who have visited the event. It does help that the festival has been around for over 200 years. However, the best advertising Oktoberfest has is through its stories told by previous and recurring customers. With social media allowing customers to share their experiences in real-time, Oktoberfest’s magic and celebration can be seen and envied by all those who have never stepped foot in Bavaria.

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Munich: Oktoberfest 2018 – Jacqueline, our Account Coordinator’s photos from the trip.

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