Happy National Muffin Day!

Calling all muffin lovers! National Muffin Day falls on February 20 this year. This is the perfect day to get together with friends and family and eat all the muffins your heart desires.

Muffins have been around for several centuries and continue to have the same delicious impact they had many centuries ago. There are two different types of muffins: the English muffin and the American muffin. The English muffin is small, flat and hollow inside and was first created about a thousand years ago. The American muffin is round, leavened with flour and was first created around the eighteenth century.

Interested in putting your baking skills to the test and making your very own muffins for friends and family to try? Kick start your baking with a classic banana muffin recipe. Visit Organics Unlimited website to view their selection of different recipes for banana bread muffins, banana crunch muffins, peanut butter and banana muffins, banana streusel muffins and more!

Are you or your friends and family vegan? Do not worry because Organics Unlimited has you covered with different vegan recipe options, such as their vegan banana muffins with sweet apple chunks inside. This recipe from Organics Unlimited proves how a vegan muffin can taste just as delicious as a regular, non-vegan muffin.

If baking is not your specialty, go out with friends and family and hunt down the best muffin in town! Visit your local bakery or coffee shops and try all different types of muffins until you find your favorite one.

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