Multi-task with Your Media Campaigns

Customized radio promotions are great platforms to become three dimensional, and accomplish multiple sales and marketing goals in a single audience touch. Successful promotions are memorable, shocking, in your face, hysterical, and effective. When you want to stand out from the crowd and be heard, creative promotions are a great way to familiarize future customers with your product, be recognized, and achieve your marketing goals. Here are several examples of memorable promotions that had their brands recognized:

  • Millionaire in Mexico – a resort in Mexico ran this campaign and through the promotion a listener won a trip to Mexico and a million pesos ($80,000 USD)
  • Pay Your Bills – a check cashing business sponsored this promotion where listeners call in to win a chance to get their bills paid.
  • Win a Yard Makeover – Armstrong Garden Centers had a contest where listeners sent in a picture of their yard that was in need of a makeover and they were entered to win a makeover.
  • Cash Grab – Proven Winners partnered with Ryan Seacrest for a cash grab.  Ryan announced clues on where you could find him within the city. The listener that found him first received a cash prize.

These types of promotions allow for advertisers to collect data, interact with listeners first hand, drive people to the retail locations, and most importantly get people talking about the product.

It’s all about doing something that hasn’t been done before; create that unique message or ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd. Oster and Associates has a long history of creating award-winning promotions that get people talking about your product and separate you from the pack. Great ideas are what get us excited.

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