What to Expect for Marketing in 2020

In the world of marketing, we always want to look at a combination of cutting edge and the tried-and-true. While delivery methods of our commercial messages have changed, some of the basic concepts of reaching the right people, gaining attention and providing repetition are alive and well going into 2020.

Here are some things we should consider for the coming year:

Video Content
A winner in 2019, video will continue to be a prime mover in marketing for 2020. From web content to social sharing with live posts, anything that can be done with video versus still photos and printed materials will receive more attention. But videos get shorter and shorter, so don’t expect your customers to be embracing long presentations. Multiple short videos will win over multiple messages in one long masterpiece.

Public Relations
While the practices of PR have changed with changing media habits, finding ways to get earned media for your business is integral to expanding brand awareness. Content in traditional and digital media offers a credibility for marketers that will be important in a media year crowded with campaign rhetoric.

Consumers and businesses both are reacting less to mass marketing and connecting more with personalized messages. Whether you’re using traditional online or offline media, messages that speak directly to the recipient are that ones that gain the most attention.

Shoppable Posts
With social media being a primary way that many people connect and get information these days, it’s an obvious way to reach consumers with marketing messages. New to social media, and a growing trend for 2020, will be the ability to buy directly from social media posts. Today, 72% of Instagram users have already made purchases through their app, so this is not a trend to be ignored.

Google Ads Smart Bidding
Smart bidding will become the new norm for the purchase of Google Ads. Make use of machine learning in order to optimize your bids, allowing the choice of conversation action, setting bids to change automatically when sales start or stop, and optimizing bids over multiple campaigns.

Smart Speaker Purchasing
In a recent survey in Great Britain, 60% of adults with Smart Speakers reported making purchases through them in the past year. This verbal, interactive technology allows ease of purchase and could be the future of much of consumer shopping.

Social Influencers
Influencer marketing will continue to be an increasing way to attract customers in 2020. It has become more personalized, and therefore feels more authentic. According to Digital Intelligence Today, 92% of people trust other consumer recommendations over corporate advertising. Influencers should be a strong part of any public relations program next year.

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