Marketing trends we should pay attention to in 2016

2016 is right around the corner and it is the perfect time to take a look at what this new year has in store. Working in marketing keeps us on top of new trends and evolving. Keep these following tips in mind for 2016 in order to stay up-to-date with your audience.

  • Offer relevant content

In a world where coming up with fresh, fun and cool news every second is important, your messages needs to be relevant to your target market right away or it will as quickly be considered boring. Creating free, pertinent content for your audience will allow you to answer their concerns and needs which will establish your company as a reliable source of information. Content marketing is also a great way to increase SEO. High-quality content will not only be efficient to drive actions from your customers, it will also increase your chance to rank higher in search engines and thus be more accessible.

  • Be more mobile-friendly

Being mobile-friendly is not a trend anymore, it’s a requirement. We use smartphones so often that websites are expected to be mobile-friendly so customers can perform any actions on them. Since you probably don’t want to waste your customers’ time or, worse, annoy them, make sure to offer them a responsive platform; it should be as easy as possible to access your content. And if you want to surf the trendy wave, consider creating an app. Apps offer better functionality and accessibility than a mobile-friendly website and they are more intuitive and appeal more to users. Customers are looking for a greater interaction with brands. Create an app that will be part of your customers’ daily life, that will answer their needs and provide solutions to them. Use demographic information to personalize your offer and analyze how people behave on your app; it will help you improve users’ experience.

  •  Use shorter formats

We live in a period where everything happens at the same time; it is harder to make an impression on your audience. Utilize easy and quick-to-consume formats to spread your message. Short videos are great to capture your audience’s attention and engage them with your brand. New technologies such as 360° videos make it possible to create amazing moments that will transport your customers and make them feel part of your world.

  •  Invest in relationships

Innovation and technology have become essential. But let’s not forget we are social beings and we love feeling unique and considered. In our modern world, we tend to forget that actual human beings are right next to us, and building relationships is important. Sending birthday cards or gifts to your clients will never be outdated. That personal communication that we tend to lose will be much appreciated. It will increase loyalty toward your company and create great brand ambassadors.



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