Marketing Produce to Gen Z

Generation Z is unlike any previous generation. Their economic spending power is the fastest growing across all generational cohorts, representing an estimated $143 billion in annual spending power in 2021. By 2030, this generation’s income is expected to increase fivefold to about $33 trillion as they enter the workplace. With that amount of spending power, it is extremely beneficial to include them as part of your marketing strategy. With that being said, each generation brings a different dynamic to the table.  It is therefore important that before we are able to truly utilize Gen Z’s potential in the marketplace, we must understand their generational characteristics.


Advertising to Gen Z using new media

Who, then, is included in this demographic? Generation Z, around age 10 to 25, is more digitally connected than any previous generations. These digital natives live and breathe on social media and have an abundance of information at their fingertips to broaden their knowledge and learning. Old media such as magazines, newspapers and even TV commercials are not the best way to influence this particular generation. Using platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, have proven a much more effective marketing tool.  Additionally, Gen Z is more interested in experiences.  Utilizing tools such as blogs, TikTok, and tutorial videos that not only show the product, but how it can be used in an activity, is a great way to generate buzz and interest. Furthermore, Gen Zers value individual expression and look to support a variety of causes that aim to solve conflicts and improve the world. These idealistic, pragmatic, and passionate individuals carry their values and beliefs to their spending habits.


How Gen Z will impact food in the future

When it comes to Gen Z, about 65% of Gen Zers value nutrition and health information, so they want to learn the origins of what they buy. They want to know how it is made, what it is made from and from where it comes. Food labels such as “organic,” “natural,” and “sustainable” resonate with Gen Z, which is a great opportunity for produce marketers! Another popular trend with Gen Z is “plant-forward” diets. If not 100% committed to a vegan/vegetarian diet, Gen Z consumers are integrating more vegetarian options into their diet unlike previous generations.


How to market produce to Gen Z

There are four key methods companies can take advantage of to successfully market to Gen Z.

  1. Being honest. Portraying a genuine company image will go a long way with Gen Z. Having grown up with social media and the internet, members of this demographic are much more savvy and discerning when it comes to advertising. This necessitates businesses being transparent and open with their marketing. This generation’s search for the truth creates a strong stance that businesses better practice what they preach regarding social responsibility and ethical practices.
  2. Having a purpose. It is important to show consumers that your company stands for more than just making a profit. Gen Z wants to trust the brands they buy from and expect their favorite brands to stand for values they believe in. Here are some questions to keep in mind when trying to connect with Gen Z:
    • Are your practices ethical?
    • Do you give back to the community?
    • Are you transparent with your customers?
    • Does your company make a positive social impact?
  3. Distinct personality. Gen Z wants to be a part of your brand. They gravitate towards authenticity and expertise, so it is important to talk with them and not to them.
  4. Engaging content. Consumer’s needs and wants are always changing, meaning brands must also shift and evolve to keep the customer engaged and wanting more.


These socially minded, value driven thinkers are drawn to sustainable products and brands who share their point of view. Now is the time to begin to reflect on how your marketing strategy will resonate with Gen Z, before this vital consumer block grabs an even greater share of the marketplace.  If your brand needs help developing a marketing strategy, please schedule a free consultation with our experienced marketing team!

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