Marketing Plant Based Food

The term “flexitarian” is rapidly gaining popularity as individuals shy away from animal products and instead choose plant-based foods. As of 2020, more than one in five U.S. citizens identify as a flexitarian, making the plant-based market a goldmine for advertising growth. According to HealthFocus data, 17% of U.S. consumers aged 15-70 claim to eat a predominately plant-based diet, while 60% report to be cutting back on meat-based products. Of those reducing their intake of animal-based proteins, 55% say the change is permanent, and 22% hope that it is. Additionally, the unexpected changes that COVID-19 has presented our nation with have brought more citizens to reevaluate their diets and make adjustments to live a healthier lifestyle and boost their immune systems. Even fast-food chains are incorporating more plant-based food items to their menus, with processors like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat partnering with nationwide fast food chains including Burger King, White Castle and KFC.

Most flexitarians stray away from meat and other animal products to either save the environment, avoid an ethical dilemma, or resolve a personal health issue. In consequence, when marketing a plant-based product or brand, it is best to prioritize the added health benefits and improved taste of the product. The stigma that plant-based diets are flavorless and dry still exists in most consumers’ minds, so leading with the product’s extraordinary taste will draw more customers to your brand. Secondly, flexitarians are very health-conscious and want to know exactly what they are consuming. This includes everything from raw ingredients to the way the company processes their food, so it is crucial to maintain transparency regarding the methods of your company’s food processing. You will promptly gain your consumer’s trust and loyalty because they will appreciate your brand’s candor.

Food trends always develop rapidly, and this plant-based movement is taking America by storm. Oster & Associates urges you to utilize it and begin making that transition towards healthier options for your consumers. Reach out to our marketing team today for a free consultation.

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