Marketing Is Not One Size Fits All

Everyone has a solution for the most important things to help your organization grow and prosper.  You need to advertise on TV, social media is the only answer, street teams get you more bang for your buck, sign twirlers bring in more customers than anything you’ve ever done.  What is a business owner to do to be successful in increasing sales?  The answer is, one size doesn’t fit all.  If it did, marketing would be simple, completely intuitive, and something you could just do quickly from home after you left the office at night. 

Since every solution and service is not right for every organization, how do you decide what the right solutions and services are right for you?  First, let’s look at who your customers are. 

  • Do you want to talk to businesses or end consumers?  If you’re an organic banana company like Organics Unlimited, you might be selling to distributors and retailers, but talking to the shoppers in the grocery store could be too costly for the potential revenues from each purchaser.
  • Are you residential or commercial oriented?  A landscaping company that has a model of commercial business will be too costly for most residences, so marketing to homeowners won’t get you customers who can afford your services.
  • What is the demographic of your guests?  If most of your skiers and snowboarder at Big Bear are under the age of 35, focusing marketing efforts to the 50+ crowd won’t win you visitor days. 
  • What are the criteria that will make some people potential customers, and others not good potential?  If you’re selling gardening products, from plants to backyard patio furniture like Armstrong Garden Centers, focusing your efforts on people who live in downtown high rise condos won’t provide you with much in continual business.

Marketing in 2015 is a complex subject.  It can include traditional advertising, like television, radio and newspapers.  It can be completely focused on mobile marketing to catch consumers who get all of their information and entertainment through their smartphones.  It may need a strong focus on public relations, providing third party endorsement of your product or service.  It may need grassroots efforts including such things as street teams and on-site promotions. 

Complexity makes us thrive.  We love the challenge of finding the right people, at the right time, and getting the right message to them.  Without all three, your marketing will never be successful.  With all three, you will win every time. 

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