Marketing Benefits of National Red Wine Day

Today is August 28th so let’s celebrate National Red Wine Day! As a marketing agency, we love to look at these national or international celebrations and use them for promoting products or sometimes just for getting creative ideas in our brainstorming process.  With that in mind, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to enjoy this holiday!

With National Red Wine Day right before Labor Day, much of the country is moving toward fall, mindful of harvest, cooler days and longer nights.  Grapes are being harvested at this time of year and new crops are being made into wine that will be enjoyed sometime in the future.  If you are marketing wine, cooler weather and heavier meals lend themselves to pairing with your favorite reds, so focusing on wine drinkers and foodies is a good target.

Taking this brainstorming thought process further, one of our clients, Armstrong Garden Centers, offers bare-root grape vines in the spring when they need to be planted. While marketing planning is starting for 2020, why not pair grape vines with materials for making wine in the fall and increase the amount of the sale.  A spring class on how to grow the perfect wine grapes not only gets the gardening involved in buying the plants, but also the soil amendments, organic pesticides and herbicides. You can also include roses which are often the first indication for vineyards that they are having problems with their vines.  If the roses show some struggling, it can quickly translate to the grape vines, which would put a damper on Red Wine Day!

Enjoy National Red Wine Day with whatever products or services you are marketing.  For the outdoor living industry, you can’t beat either the growing or imbibing.  For the wine or hospitality industries, it’s a good reminder to customers to slow down and enjoy some fruit of the vine.  And for everyone else, it’s a perfect day for marketing idea generation!

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