Making a PRactical Impact Through Public Affairs

Public affairs is considered a sub-discipline of public relations (PR). This PR specialty seeks to shape public opinion and influence government actions by building and/or maintaining relationships with governmental agencies and community stakeholder groups.

The world of public affairs has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Proliferation of news through 24-hour news channels, expansion of online news outlets and extensive social media usage are some of the many reasons why a public affairs component is a necessary PR tool and wise business decision to make.

Having strong, positive relationships with a wide range of community groups and personnel on various levels of government seems like an easy choice these days for companies.

Viewed through a proactive lens, it is better to have a solid contact network and not need it, rather than need one and not have it.

As we all know, building effective coalitions and alliances takes time. The stronger the relationship, likely the more time spent establishing and growing that connection. 

If your business or organization has already embarked on a public affairs plan, then you are ahead of the game. If not or if you need assistance on this component, then Oster and Associates can help. For more than 30 years, our full-service agency has built relationships with a wide range of publics including the area of public affairs.

Oster and Associates has helped inform constituents, ensured active cooperation in government programs, fostered citizen support for policies and programs, conveyed public opinion to decision makers, managed internal information, maintained relationships with local media and helped promote public programs. This includes hosting water-wise events to connect municipalities with residents and have media share valuable water-saving tips and information with the community at-large, the county agriculture department sharing its annual crop report with county residents and setting up ongoing discussions with city personnel on major long-term infrastructure improvements, among other things.

If your business or organization could use some guidance on how to better connect with community or government groups, call 619-906-5540 or email us. Oster and Associates is ready to help.

About Oster and Associates

Founded in 1986, Oster and Associates is a full-service branding and public relations agency with local and national clients in the accounting, agriculture, engineering, hospitality, landscaping, nonprofit, planning, produce, sports and travel industries. For more information on Oster and Associates, visit, call 619-906-5540 or follow them on Facebook, Twitter @OsterAds and LinkedIn.