Looking for Innovations in Produce

As a marketing agency that has worked with the produce industry for over three decades, we have seen a lot of things change, and a lot of things stay the same. It is consistent that shoppers keep going into supermarkets and buying fresh fruits and vegetables, and they buy what is available in their local markets. There is an element of the industry that can be very commoditized, and online grocery showed to be scanned as an item rather than by weight. This packaging allows for more branding opportunities, but it also means more cost to the producer, which increased prices at retail. For the shopper it also means wasted resources with non-recyclable packages, which makes the process less environmentally sustainable.

There is an ever-increasing need for produce companies to differentiate themselves with their customers, and their customers’ customers. To that end, Oster and Associates has partnered with United Fresh in their efforts to help produce companies overcome today’s marketing obstacles. With Brandstorm (UnitedFreshBrandstorm.org) in Austin, TX just weeks away, and United Fresh Convention and Expo (UnitedFreshShow.org) in San Diego, CA coming in June, 2020 is the year to put on a fresh lense and consider new ways to help consumers see the wisdom of eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

In the world of marketing, we talk about fresh ideas as what gains attention and helps sell products and services. Sharing best practices with our friendly competitors triggers creative thinking, allowing you to stand above the crowd. I hope you’ll join us in Austin and San Diego this year for some great new ideas and the opportunity to share thoughts. Mark your calendar for Brandstorm February 10-12 and United Fresh Convention and Expo June 16-19.