Live Communication Increases Interactivity with our Neighbors

This Fourth of July, Belgian communications agencies gathered in Brussels to promote event creation and management. The Oval Office, one of the participating agencies, played off the Fourth of July card with an all-American theme including typical décor, food and activities. They also wanted to offer live interactions with the United States. And that’s where I came into action.

When a friend of mine who works for The Oval Office asked me to be the link between Belgium and the States, I thought this could be a really fun initiative to share the unique cultural differences I experience everyday.  

Using the live streaming mobile app Periscope, I walked around downtown San Diego and gave a sneak peek of what life is like on the other side of the world during Fourth of July. My little escapade around town was live streamed on a big screen during the event in Brussels and attendees were able to watch in real-time.  

This was an exciting experience with Periscope and a good reminder of why live communication is so important. Today’s generation lives in the moment, we are curious about what happens now – not yesterday nor tomorrow. Live communication is very impactful because it’s real and it brings people together. And that was the whole point of the collaboration – to create an interaction between two different cultures that don’t often connect on a daily basis and increase our understanding of each other.

A lot of what we do, how we act and the way we think is influenced by the cultures surrounding us. By being connected to the world, you can learn a lot about yourself and others. A company needs to understand its audience and their culture in order to adapt its communication and be relevant to its target market.

Traveling definitely helps us to be more tolerant and open minded, and new technology can also increase awareness and facilitate the dialogue between different cultures. Using a dynamic and impactful communication tool such as live streaming is a great opportunity to connect with customers and share a different side of your story. 

Social media helps us to stay connected to the world and to our audiences. Connect with us to find out how we can help you to interact with your customers.